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Brian Jean

In March 2015, Brian Jean was elected leader of Wildrose. Despite critics and pundits predicting the end of the Wildrose, Brian led the party back from the brink to form the official opposition and win 22 seats.

Time and time again, he’s spoken up for regular Albertans forgotten by the NDP. On July 22, he helped lead Wildrose to a historic unity vote to form the new United Conservative Party.

Raised in Fort McMurray, Brian is a hunter and a trapper. He’s an entrepreneur who has built businesses from the ground up and built them to last.

He knows what it’s like to sign a paycheque. He’s a teacher and a community leader in Fort McMurray. And he’s even a lawyer, but he asks that you don’t hold that against him.

Brian is the current MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin and proudly served as the MP for Fort McMurray and northern Alberta for over ten years between 2004-2014, winning over 70 per cent of the vote in 2011 as part of the majority Conservative government.

He is here for Albertans and he is here for you.




Recent News

Jean announces policy to strengthen property rights

 Ending squatter’s rights, improving communication when energy companies access land, fixing Bill 36, and amending other laws that don’t respect property rights all highlight Brian Jean’s new policy to respect landowners in Alberta. “Property rights are essential to a free economy, and action is needed to ensure landowners know their rights are being protected,” Jean …

Jean will fix equalization and stand up for Alberta

Pressuring the NDP government to get Albertans a better deal in equalization negotiations with the Trudeau Liberals, holding a referendum on equalization to get the federal government to the table, and fighting for pipelines in all directions highlight Brian Jean’s new policy to stand up for Albertans. The policy, Fixing Equalization: Standing up for Alberta, …


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