Helping everyday Albertans with the distribution and transmission charges on their power bills.

Edmonton, June 20th, 2022: UCP Leadership candidate Brian Jean has announced that if elected Premier he will introduce a process to reduce the distribution and transmission charges on Albertans' power bills. Jean spoke about how Albertans were dealing with high inflation generally and were particularly impacted by significant non-electricity costs on their power bills, an item they can't avoid and which does not impact other Canadians.

"Albertans, right now, are focused on dealing with the quickly climbing costs of everyday life. The government isn’t responsible for all of this inflation and there are many areas where we can’t make too much of a difference, but we can make a difference in power bills," said Jean. "The policy choices of Alberta governments of the past, both NDP and PCs, have created a system where Albertans pay electricity bills that have massive transmission and distribution charges and that are out of line with the bills paid for in other provinces. To its credit the UCP has significantly reduced the transmission build-out in the last few years, but Albertans are still saddled with the costs of past bad policy."

Jean called for the Alberta Government to take the investment income from saved future surpluses and apply it towards paying down distribution and transmission costs for Alberta seniors and families. "Private sector economists have projected that Alberta might have surpluses in the $10 billion dollar a year range for each of the next few years. If those surplus funds are segregated, the investment returns from that money would be used to reduce the high transmission and distribution costs that every Alberta residential rate payer faces on their power bills for years to come."

Further, Jean called for long term relief for Alberta Seniors and families from future high power distribution and transmission charges by changing Alberta's regulatory approval policies to account for distribution and transmission costs in the decision to approve the location of new power generation projects. "Albertans shouldn’t be punished for the bad past decisions of previous governments. They should also be confident that going forward we are not adding to the mistakes. By following this type of policy we can make a big difference in the lives of everyday Albertans, especially those with fixed or modest incomes," said Jean.

Jean was joined at the press conference by MLA David Hanson (Bonnyville - Cold Lake - St. Paul) who has raised this issue in the Alberta Legislature for months. "No Albertan has called my office about the actual cost of electricity; they know that real power costs are beyond our control. What they cannot accept is the extra costs due to transmission, distribution and taxes that make up most of their bill," said Hanson. "I am glad that Brian agrees with me that it is time to step up and use our royalties, that belong to all Albertans, to reduce this burden that previous governments have saddled on Albertans."

Saving Albertans money on the distribution and transmission power bills