Jean takes dominant lead in UCP leadership race, last eight polls

With the release of a new ThinkHQ poll this morning, United Conservative Party leadership candidate Brian Jean has established a dominating lead over his leadership rivals, taking increasingly significant leads in the the last eight publicly released polls.

Since December of last year Brian Jean has consistently led against his rivals in public opinion polls in Alberta. In Dec. 2016, 61% would vote for a Jean-led UCP. April 2017, Jean garnered 37% amongst leading and decided voters, with the NDP at 24%. June 2017, Jean takes the lead with 49%. July 2017, UCP leadership poll finds Brian Jean in the driver’s seat with 59%. August 2017, Jean’s seen as the best option for the UCP with 44% favourability.Sept. 5, Jean has a favourability of 48% and comes in third of a list of most popular Albertans, only behind Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid and Calgary Flames star Johnny Gaudreau. Today, Jean leads UCP race with 51%.

“I’m truly humbled by the support our positive vision for Alberta has received so far and look forward to working even harder to win the support of all Albertans in the weeks ahead,” Jean said. “We will build a new Alberta Advantage, get a better deal for Alberta on equalization, put patients first in Alberta’s health care system, protect the dignity of every man, woman and child in Alberta’s justice system and focus on financial, energy and historical literacy in Alberta’s education system.”

Jean launched his United Conservative Party leadership campaign in July and has since received the support of 11 of his former Wildrose caucus colleagues including MLAs Angela Pitt, Leela Aheer, Ron Orr, Glenn van Dijken, Don MacIntyre, Tany Yao, Todd Loewen, David Hanson, Wayne Anderson, David Schneider and Pat Stier.

“It’s amazing to see the overwhelming backing for our campaign coming in from every part of Alberta. I’m not afraid to talk about my priorities on policy and thousands of Albertans are engaging with our campaign because of it,” Jean said. “Albertans know a Brian Jean led UCP defeats the largest number of NDP MLAs in 2019.”