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Frequently Asked Questions


A person is allowed to contribute a maximum of $4,000 per calendar year to any, or any combination of, political entities.

Only a person who is ordinarily resident in Alberta may make a contribution to a political entity (party, constituency association, candidate, nomination contestant or leadership contestant). Corporations, unincorporated associations, and organizations are prohibited entities, and therefore prohibited from making contributions. This also includes trade unions and employee organizations, as defined by the EFCDA.

A person who contributes more than $250 in any calendar year will have that person’s name and contribution(s) publicly disclosed as required by the EFCDA. The information is made available for public scrutiny both in the public files maintained at Elections Alberta’s office, and on Elections Alberta’s website.

A person who makes a contribution to a political entity will receive an official contribution receipt from that political entity, which the contributor can use to claim Alberta income tax credits. The following table shows available tax credits for contributions made in the same calendar year.

Amount Contributed Available Tax Credit Maximum Credit Cumulative Amount
Up to $200 75% $150 $150
Next $900 ($201 to $1,100) 50% $450 $600
Next $1,200 ($1,101 to $2,300) 33.3% $400 $1,000
Over $2,300 Nil Nil $1,000