The Autonomy for Albertans Act

A series of measures designed to protect or increase Albertans personal autonomy, financial autonomy, food autonomy, professional autonomy, community autonomy and Alberta’s autonomy within Canada.


A Brian Jean government will, on its first day:

- serve legal notice on the federal government and the other provinces that Alberta is invoking Section 46 (Initiation of amendment procedures) of the Constitution Act (1982) and demanding formal negotiations on amending the constitution.

Demands that Alberta will raise in constitutional negotiations include:

  • Ending equalization which disincentivizes economic development in “have-not” provinces.
  • Alberta be formally granted a permanent seat on the Supreme Court. Quebec has three.
  • Changes to the federal parliament so that either the House of Commons or the Senate has true representation by population or some other mechanism to fairly account for Alberta’s population and economic importance.
  • Changes to the constitution to prohibit the federal government from writing a law that targets or damages a province without the consent of the legislature of that province.
  • Clarify in the constitution that neither a province nor the federal government can interfere with any province’s ability to sell its products to the rest of the world.

A Brian Jean Government will demand that:

…Alberta name Canada’s representative to the International Energy Agency.

…Alberta name Canada’s representative to OPEC+ meetings.

…Alberta have a permanent delegate position on Canada’s delegations to COP climate meetings and the IPCC.

…Alberta have an official seat on Canada’s official delegation at any G7 / G20 / International Monetary Fund / or World Bank meeting where energy policy is being discussed.

A Brian Jean Government will demand that:

…Quebec stop unfairly expropriating the assets of Alberta energy companies in Quebec. In consequence of that Alberta will prohibit SNC-Lavalin from being part of any project that has received Alberta government funding.

A Brian Jean Government will:

…Prohibit organizations under provincial government control such as AHS and the Alberta Energy Regulator from being WEF members or affiliates or attending their events or projects.

…Change the Municipal Government Act to prohibit municipalities from becoming WEF members or using taxpayer dollars to participate in WEF events or projects.

A Brian Jean Government will:

…Start a constitutional challenge on the West Coast Tanker Ban (C-48) law.

…File a Supreme Court reference on Trudeau’s proposed de-facto production caps. The language from the Supreme Court’s carbon tax decision does not guarantee that the federal government can directly or indirectly impose caps on provincially regulated industries.

…File a Supreme Court reference on Trudeau’s proposed nitrogen/fertilizer emission caps. The language from the Supreme Court’s carbon levy decision does not and should not apply to agriculture and the science on the relationship between fertilizer and climate change is not persuasive. We will invite other provinces to join us in this Court reference.